Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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    • Dragonborn: Staying on the Main Quest - The Greybeards and Beyond
      There is so much to do in Skyrim, it's easy to get distracted from the main quest. Adventuring is fun, but now it's time to get back on task. Read through Part II of the Act I quest guide to find where you left off and how to proceed.
    • The Best Skyrim Race for Your Preferred Play Style
      Would you love to wield a fireball in one hand and the power to heal in the other? Or would you prefer to go toe-to-toe with your enemy, redesigning his face with an axe while bashing him with your shield? No matter how you like to play RPGs, one of the 10 Skyrim races will be a perfect fit for you.
    • Secrets of the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
      Skyrim is a huge game with a lot of possibilities and several secrets. Let’s look at a few hidden bugs and “features" that can help players gain an edge against the game’s massive world.
    • Dragonborn: Staying on the Main Quest Track in Skyrim, Act III
      Act III of the main quest line gives you the conclusion of the game with an exciting finale. You're nearly there, and only your power as the Dovahkiin can end Alduin's reign in Tamriel.
    • Appeasing Your Favorite Daedric Prince in Skyrim
      The Daedra are back in action in Skyrim, and each has a special reward waiting just for you. If you want to know how to find the Daedric quests, as well as learn about the artifacts you'll receive in return, read on. From the Wabbajack to Azura's Star, they're all here waiting for you.
    • Dragonborn: Staying on the Main Quest Track in Skyrim, Act II
      Act II of the main quest line will lead you further into the lore of Skyrim and closer to your ultimate goal in becoming Dovahkiin. Here's what you need to know to traverse the dangers ahead of you and come out on the other side.
    • Skyrim Modding Guide: Tips for Modders and Suggested Mods
      PC gamers always have and always will be on the forefront of gaming mods. One of the most modded and most played game series is the Elder Scrolls series. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mods are already prolific despite the game just recently coming out.
    • Dragonborn: Staying on the Main Quest - Getting Started in Skyrim
      Stuck? Need help? Bethesda's newest addition to the Elder Scrolls universe, Skyrim, manages to hold true to the game's history while providing a great deal of innovation in game design and technology. In the main quest line, you will find yourself enthralled with the radiant quest design.
    • Gaming the System: How to Level Up in Skyrim
      Skyrim has made many changes to how skills work in comparison to older Elder Scrolls games, but leveling is still similar. You use a skill, it goes up, and that contributes to your level. In this guide we’ll delve deeper into that equation, and find ways to exploit it.
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