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    • Oblivion Achievements and Cheats for the Xbox 360 Platform
      With the help of some cheats, you can be immune to melee attacks, or make the walls transparent. The fourth edition of Elder Scrolls also has plenty of achievements to be unlocked, including the Champion of Cyrodil, the Daedric Artifact and Arena Grand Champion.
    • The Elder Scrolls IV: Basics of the Construction Set
      The Oblivion Construction Set, included with the game, allows you to create your own adventures in the form of plug-ins. This Brighthub article explores basic functions of the application, without being overwhelming, so that beginning modders can get accustomed to the basics of world-building.
    • The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - PC Item codes
      You can use the console in Oblivion to spawn objects, either rare or commonly scattered across the vast land, which are then immediately at your disposal. Read the following article for Oblivion PC item codes and how to use these.
    • Upgrade Oblivion with the Best Mods
      Upgrade your Oblivion experience with any of the five mods that we discuss in this article with new quests, new magic, and even new clocks. Learn more about the Lost Paladins of the Divines, Midas Magic Spells of Aurum, the Clocks of Cyrodiil, Et in Arkay Ego, and the Lost Spires mods.
    • Romancing the Code: Console Codes for Basic and Specialist Items in Oblivion
      Cost of arrows got you down? Willing to defy the laws of reality and make items materialise out of thin air as if you had access to some sort of wish granting genie that responded to certain... 'codes'? Read on.
    • My Pitiful Shack is Haunted: A Guide to Buying Property in Oblivion
      Tired? Over encumbered? Sick of everybody else lording their non homeless status over adventuring hobos? It's time you got in the home and hearth game with this guide to Cyrodil's most promising properties for sale!
    • Oblivion Walkthrough: The Arena
      The Arena in Oblivion lets you fight to the death in gladiator-style combat matches, for fame, gold, and experience. This Oblivion walkthrough for the Arena guides you through joining the Arena faction, competing in fights, and becoming the Grand Champion.
    • Oblivion Walkthrough: The Mages Guild
      This Oblivion walkthrough for the Mages Guild will walk you through the complex process of being accepted as a guild member. Joining the Mages Guild requires you to complete seven short sidequests to receive recommendations from each of the Guild leaders.
    • An Oblivion Walkthrough: The Fighters Guild Basics
      The Fighters Guild is one of the many complicated factions that an individual player can join. To understand all aspects though, it’s a good idea to refer to an Oblivion Walkthrough. Fighters Guild members are able to experience quite a few valuable benefits so long as they understand the Guild.
    • A Basic Daedra Walkthrough
      The Daedra are powerful creatures that can be either greater or lesser beings, depending on which variation. But what are exactly are they? This question can be answered quickly with the assistance of an Oblivion Walkthrough. Daedra can be quite the enemy, so it’s worth the time examining them.
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