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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide to Disease (Part One)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Tthis two part series on the disease in the game of the Elder Scrolls of Oblivion, will give gamers an in-depth look at exactly what disease is in the game and how it works.

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    Disease in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion are those specifics that will weaken your character. They have many different affects and all different ways of being treated. If you are interested in all the types of disease in the game, how it is caught, and how it is treated then this is the article for you. This list is in handy alphabetic categorization.

    Astral Vapors – This will damage magicka for 15 points, it will stunt magicka, and you’ll have a 25% weakness to magic. You can get this disease from Dread Zombie. This ignores the resist disease spell.

    Ataxia – This will drain your strength for 5 points and drain agility for 5 points. It is from Zombies and Imus the Dull.

    Black Heart Blight – This disease will drain your endurance ten points and your strength ten points. You’ll catch this from headless zombies and from Fralay the Faker.

    Blood Lung – This will make your endurance drain 5 points and you’ll get it from frats and the rancid ra’dirsha.

    Bone Break Fever – This has the effects to drain your strength 5 points. It is also from rats and from Foul Fagus.

    Brain Rot – This disease will drain your strength 5 points and it is from Rats and Nigidius the Needy.

    Brown Rot – This drains your strength 5 points and it drains your personality 5 points as well. This is from zombies and Penniless Olvus.

    Cannibal’s Prion – This will drain agility for 20 points and it will drain intelligence 20 points. It is from the beating heart from Unearthing Mehrunes Razor.

    Chanthrax Blight – This will drain your agility 10 points and you will drain speed by 10 points too. This disease will come from headless zombies and boars.

    Chills – Chills will drain your intelligence 10 points, drain your willpower 10 points, and drain your agility 10 points. It is caught from headless zombies and Cosmus the Cheat.

    Collywobbles – This will drain the strength by 10 points, the speed by 10 points, and the endurance by 10 points. You get these by headless zombies, No-Coins Draninus, and Wretched Aia.

    Dampworm – This will drain your speed by 5 points. You get it from zombies and from deer.

    Droops – You can get the droops, which will drain your agility by 5 points, by zombies and sheep.

    Feeble Limb – This will drain strength for 5 points and you can get it from rats.

    Greenspore – This drains the personality for 10 points. It can be caught from zombies and slaughterfish.

    Helljoint – This affliction will drain the speed by 5 points and the agility by 5 points. It can be got from wolves, zombies, and Simplicia the Slow.

    Porphyric Hemophilia – This will drain fatigue 5 points and after three days you have Vampirism. You will get it from the Darkness Eternal quest, a Beating Heart, or Vampires.

    Rattles – This will drain the willpower for 10 points and agility for 10 points as well. You can get it from Fetid Jofnhild and headless zombies.

    Part two of this article series will finish out the list of disease that you can be afflicted with in Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Guide to Disease

Two part series on the disease in the game of Oblivion
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