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Daedric Quests in Oblivion: An Easy Way to Get Powerful Rewards- Part 2

by: Eric Stallsworth ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

This article continues the examination of the Daedra Lord quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In part one, the Daedra were introduced. In this continuation, we take a look at each of the Daedra Lords in particular, as well as what is necessary to find and complete their quests.

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    In part one of this series, we examined the Daedra in a general way as well as introduced the concepts of the Daedra Lords. In this article, we'll take a more in-depth look at each Daedra Lord shrine, where it is located, what the requirements are to get the quest, and what the reward is for completing it.

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    The First Three Daedra Lords

    Without further ado, the Daedra Lords are as follows (in order of level):

    • Azura - This female Daedra (whose shrine is located North-NorthEast of Cheydinhal in the Jerall Mountains) requires a gift of glow dust before she'll talk ,and gives you a task involving vampires. When you have finished the task, you're rewarded with a reusable Grand Soul Gem called "Azura's Star".
    • Sheogorath - This shrine is harder to find, but easy to do. You go southeast down the road out of Bravil until you eventually get to Fort Nomore. Heading southwest from here, you'll find the lone statue. The Daedra needs three heads of lettuce, a lesser soul gem, and yarn, for which he provides a task full of chaos. But once you finish it, you get the "Wabberjack", a staff that turns any other creature into another creature (non-NPCs). I won't spoil it, but it trust me when I say it can definitely be entertaining.
    • Namira - This shrine is located east-southeast of Bruma, and she has an interesting requirement. In order to talk to her, your Personality has to be low. The quickest way is to get drunk on cheap wine, which lowers the value 10 per bottle. Once you complete the task you're given though, you receive the Ring of Namira, which provides significant damage and spell protection
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    The Second Three Daedra Lords

    • Vaermina - This shrine is located southwest of Cheydinhall on the east shore of Lake Poppad. The requirements are rather difficult for this one - a Black Soul Gem. This can be obtained sometimes from Necromancers or with an early Mages Guild quest. Once you finish the task given however, you'll receive the "Skull of Corruption". This staff is similar to the Wabberjack, except that it makes an copy of the targeted person (non-NPCs). I won't spoil the surprise with this one, but the results are just as useful as the Wabberjack's.
    • Sanguine - Located southwest of the Weatherleah estate, this shrine requires a donation of Cyrodillic brandy before the Daedra Lord will speak to you. This item can be found in many of the towns or inns if you look carefully. Once you complete the task given however, you're rewarded with the Sanguine Rose, which is a Daedra summoning staff.
    • Malacath - This Daedra Lord shrine is found north of Anvil, just behind Lord Drad's estate. Troll fat is the key to getting this deity's attention, meaning you're going troll hunting (unless you find it elsewhere lying around). But completion of the task assigned to you provides the "Volendrung", a powerful paralyzing and health-draining hammer.

    In part three of this series, we'll continue looking at more of these valuable opportunities.

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