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The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion - PC Item codes

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

You can use the console in Oblivion to spawn objects, either rare or commonly scattered across the vast land, which are then immediately at your disposal. Read the following article for Oblivion PC item codes and how to use these.

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    Oblivion - PC Item codes – Why they are useful

    In Oblivion it’s great to travel for in-game hours just to obtain an ingredient, item or simply to get to a town. However this becomes time consuming particularly for the more action-oriented player who will need that ingredient or item readily available.

    Fortunately there is a way of spawning items by using the console, just by typing any of the Oblivion PC item codes listed here to save you time. These codes include rare items such as the Amulet of Kings, common items such as robes or powerful ones like the mundane ring.

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    Using the console

    To use the console and type any of the given Oblivion PC item codes you need to press the tilde key (~); now type ‘player.additem’ followed by a code and the number of items you would like. Ultimately, it may look like this:

    player.additem 0009844B 1

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    Soul Gems

    Oblivion Pc Item Codes - Ten Black Soul Gems Here are the codes for some soul gems. The quest-given and powerful Azura’s star is given together with black soul gems.

    Black Soul Gem - 00000192

    Common Soul Gem - 00015B8B Grand Soul Gem - 00015B8E

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    These codes are to save you time gathering ingredients for the various regions of Cyrodil. Common ingredients and foods are not included since you can find them anywhere.

    Alkanet Flower - 0003365C Aloe Vera Leaves - 000A7924

    Ambrosia - 000704A0 Arrowroot - 0003365E

    Ashes of Hindaril - 000977DD Bergamot Seeds - 000A7933

    Bloodgrass - 00033664 Bog Beacon Asco Cap - 0008446C

    Bonemeal - 00048734 Cairn Bolete Cap - 0006251E

    Carrot of Seeing - 00082DE2 Clannfear Claws - 0003366A

    Clouded Funnel Cap - 00084472 Columbine Root Pulp - 000A7925

    Daedra Heart - 0001EC8F Dreugh Wax - 00033673

    Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap - 0008529D Elf Cup Cap - 0008529E

    Emetic Russula Cap - 0008529F Frost Salts - 00022E5B

    Ginkgo Leaf - 00033678 Ginseng - 00033679 Glow Dust - 0001EBE8

    Green Stain Cup Cap - 0008446A Green Stain Shelf Cap - 0008529A

    Harrada - 0003367D Human Heart - 000CD51C

    Human Skin - 00071F35 Lichor - 0007049E

    Mandrake Root - 00033683 Minotaur Horn - 00033568

    Monkshood Root Pulp - 000A792E Nirnroot - 0004E940

    Painted Troll Fat - 0009209E Pinarus' Prize Minotaur Horn - 000CBD45

    Poisoned Apple - 000918F0 Rat Poison - 00026B08

    Refined Frost Salts - 00022F1A Rumare Slaughterfish Scales - 00185FE2

    Sacred Lotus Seeds - 000A7936 Scamp Skin - 00033693

    Steel-Blue Entoloma Cap - 0008446B Stinkhorn Cap - 0008446D

    Taproot - 000AF06E Tiger Lily Nectar - 000A792B

    Tinder Polypore Cap - 0008446F Troll Fat - 00026B5C

    Unicorn Horn - 0001EC5B Vampire Dust - 0004872C

    Viper's Bugloss Leaves - 000A793B Void Salts - 0003369F

    Water Hyacinth Nectar - 000A793C White Seed Pod - 000336A2

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    Clothes, Amulets and Rings

    Oblivion Pc Item Codes - Mundane Ring Some Oblivion PC item codes for clothes, amulets and rings.

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    Amulet of Kings - 000250A0 Amulet of Reflection - 0009845B

    Apron of Adroitness - 00094ECB Black & Burgundy Outfit - 0001C887

    Black Robe - 00064FE2 Blue Silk Shirt - 00064FE5

    Blue Velvet Outfit - 0002319D Boots of Springheel Jak - 000148D4

    Circlet of Omnipotence - 00088FED Collared Shirt - 00028732

    Imperial Breeches - 000CA125 Laced Leather Pants - 000229AB

    Mage's Robe - 00064F7F Mankar Camoran's Robe - 000BE31F

    Mundane Ring - 0009844B Ring of Feather - 00091ABA

    Ring of Nihilism – 00098420

    WIth such a huge game it would have been impossible to include all of them in a single article. Please use this guide if you are not satisfied with the few codes given in this article.

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    All screenshots and references from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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