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The World of Morrowind: Guide to Master Trainers – Elder Scrolls III Light Armor Trainers

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

This article provides an overview of the major trainers for the Light Armor skill in the Morrowind PC game..

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    Light Armour

    The Light Armour skill offers a wide choice of trainers scattered across the land. These teachers are not affiliated with one dominant faction, as you might have found in the Heavy Armour or Axe skills for instance where most of the trainers are legionnaires or similar.

    Light Armor trainers range from members of the Thieves guild, to Imperial Agents or simply characters who are renegades; in fact, a large number of trainers for this skill are hostile to you which would call for our ‘Calm Humanoid’ method, which was discussed in an earlier guide. Not all are however, and some good trainers are available at the usual peaceful locations, which saves you from possible calming spell failure and a resulting dangerous encounter.

    The master trainer is found in Maar Gan, the town which looks like a single Vivec canton but is in fact a town on its own. It is not a particularly difficult journey although it is still in Ashlander territory.

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    Light Armor Trainers in Morrowind

    Aerin – A female Bosmer who is a member of the Thieves guild and can be found in the Andus Tradehouse in Maar Gan. She can train all the way to 100 points in the skill and there is also a book in her quarters, entitled ‘The Rear Guard’ which talks of her proficiency with wearing Light Armour.

    Ruccia Conician – Ruccia is an Imperial agent and the current leader of the Imperial Cult. As a server of the Empire, she is found in the Ebonheart Fort but only offers services and training to fellow Cult members. Even low ranked members can train in Light Armour here. Conician trains up to 70 points in the skill, which makes her a mid to high level trainer and second in rank only to Aerin.

    Mathys Bemis – The Dunmer is hostile to you and will attack you on sight, unless you can overcome that. He is found in the Ancestral Vaults of Vivec’s Hlaalu canton. He leads a group of bandits who raid Hlaalu tombs and as a result some Hlaalu councillors will offer a reward if he is killed. He trains up to 67 points in the skill.

    Athesie Andas – Located in the Andasreth stronghold, in the West Gash, the hostile Dunmer Agent will also attack you on sight. She trains up to 66 points in light armour and can be found in the upper levels of the stronghold.

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