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The World of Morrowind: Guide to Master Trainers – Illusion Magic School Trainers

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of our guide to Morrowind master trainers continues with a look at the list of trainers for the magic school of illusion.

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    In contrast with other arcane schools, such as Destruction or Conjuration, the trainers for Illusion are quite easy to access, mostly via local trade-houses, corner clubs or the various offices of the Mages Guild. If you are playing a character who doesn’t like close fighting or a wizard who isn’t intent on destroying every physical object which stands in his way, it is worth paying the master teachers of the skill.

    The main problem with the trainers for this skill is that there is a wide gap between the master trainer and others. There is almost a gap of 50 points between the best teacher and the second best, making it difficult if you want to pay for training into the mid to high levels, say 60-70 points or thereabouts. Luckily, the master isn’t hard to find which makes it less of a problem.

    All of the teachers are found in the popular towns of the island, either in Balmora in the West Gash, Sadrith Mora in the region of Azura’s coast or Suran in the Ascadian isles. Becoming a powerful illusionist doesn’t take much work or travelling as you can see, as long as you have the gold pieces for it.

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    Illusion Magic School Trainers in Morrowind

    Erer Darothril – The Dunmer is already mentioned in the guide to the trainers for the school of Destruction. Since Darothril is a powerful mage, mainly influenced by the Telvannis in Sadrith Mora, he is not only skilled as a high-level trainer in Destruction but he is also the master trainer for the school of Illusion, hence teaching up to the maximum 100 points. He is found in ‘Dirty Muriel’s club’ in Sadrith Mora.

    Procyon Nigilius – Another versatile character, previously mentioned. He is the second best trainer in the school of Illusion, and can get you up to 58 points in the skill. He is found in Sadrith Mora’s Wolverine Hall for the Mages guild.

    Nine-Toes – The Argonian is found in Balmora, somewhere in a house near Caius Cosades. He is a low-level trainer, offering up to 50 points in the Illusion school. There will be more about him in the next part of our guide.