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The World of Morrowind: Guide to Master Trainers – Heavy Armor Skill

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of our series exploring the various skills trainers in Morrowind takes a look at the Heavy Armor skill, which is useful for knights and protectors.

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    Heavy Armor

    In the previous guide you may have noted that most trainers for fighting based skills, or skills which are exclusive to fighting characters such as knights or Imperial guards, are easily found in forts or similar buildings. The Heavy Armor skill is really no exception here, and it will be easy to find trainers for this skill particularly if you are an associate of one of the fighting guilds, such as the Legion for instance, and are accustomed to the various offices around Vvardenfell.

    The only exception to this is perhaps a trainer who resides to the small village of Khuul in the West Gash, which isn’t particularly renowned for its fighters or as meeting point for Imperial martial forces; granted that the trainer here is only a low-level trainer, hence why the not particularly well suited location.

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    Heavy Armor Skill Trainers in Morrowind

    Seanwen – The Altmer is found in the Arena canton of Vivec, in the training area for Fighters. He will train up to 100 points in the Heavy Armor skill, as intuited by him proudly wearing a full plate of rare Ebony armor. He also has an Ebony longsword, but does not sell similar items as he is just a monk.

    It may be tempting to provoke him into attack in order to get the precious armour from him, but this is not recommended; particularly if you are a legionnaire or similar. There is only one master trainer for each skill in the game and killing him would make it harder to acquire quick points in Heavy Armour.

    Ulms Drathen – Drathen is found in Molag Mar, in the Amigers Stronghold. He wears a glass armour plate and can train up to 71 points in the skill. The Stronghold is located in the lower sections of the Molag Mar canton. You can head to the waistworks and look around for ‘Hakar the Candle’ who is the local smith. The Amigers Stronghold is found nearby. Drathen offers no other services and isn’t a member of any faction, just simply a crusader.

    Ondi – She is a Nord and is found in Thongar’s Tradehouse, the local merchant in the town of Khuul. She is a lower level trainer, training up to 52 points in the skill. She isn’t associated to a faction or related to any given quests

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