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The World of Morrowind: Master Trainers Guide – Enchant Skill Trainers in Elder Scrolls III

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The guide on trainers continues with the list of specialists for the Enchant skill. Learn which trainers in the Morrowind game can help you to advance your character's Enchant skill.

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    The Enchant skill is useful if you wish to save on magical energies and cast spells with a one-hundred percent success rate. The trainers for the Enchanting skill are typically found in the Mages guild or similar establishments, but in the case of the master trainer you will have to wonder to the stronghold of Indoranyon in order to get the maximum available training for this skill. Not only is the stronghold dangerous, but you will also have to face a hostile trainer who will attack you on sight.

    There is a remedy to that, however, as you can cast a spell of Calm Humanoid on him and talk like civilized human beings. You can cast the spell normally if you are a mage, use a scroll or an enchanted item. Now you see the importance of enchanted items!

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    Enchant Skill Master Trainers in Morrowind

    Qorwynn – The Dunmer is the master trainer for the Enchant school, giving the maximum 100 points. He stands idle near the entrance to the Indoranyon stronghold, in the Azura’s coast region. Like most of the dwellers of the stronghold he isn’t friendly and will attack you as soon as he sees you. Use the method described above and you can also trade with him or make use of the enchanting services which he offers. Be careful as the spell won’t last forever…

    Skink-in-Tree’s-Shade – The cryptically named Argonian is a member of the Mages Guild and resides in the Wolverine Hall offices in Sadrith Mora. He is a task master and if you aren’t already a member he can help you join if you are in Sadrith Mora. He will train up to 63 points of enchant and offers mainly books for trading, if you are interested in reading. He also sells a handy guide to Sadrith Mora.

    Anarenen – She has already been mentioned in one of the other guides, and aside from offering services in the Alchemy and Conjuration schools, she is also an apt Enchanter. She does not trade in soul gems however, mainly in Alchemical apparatus, potions and ingredients. She trains up to 50 points of enchant, making her one of the low to mid-level trainers.

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