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The World of Morrowind: Master Trainers in Morrowind - Master Axe Skill Trainers

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

If you are a bit of a 'Conan', here is a list of the master trainers for the Axe skill.

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    Many of the Axe trainers are found in towns, although you will have to venture all the way to the Falensarano stronghold in order to get access to the highest trainer. The master trainer in Falensarano isn’t hostile to you, although you will have to overcome other obstacles before reaching the actual stronghold. Once you are there you will also be confronted by the actual hostile witches which have taken residence inside the fortress, together with their minions or summoned Deadra. Not an easy task.

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    Morrowind Master Trainers - Axe Trainers

    Alfhedil Elf-Hewer- He can train all the way to the maximum 100 points in the Axe skill; being a warrior who makes the axe simply an extension of his body. He is found in the upper level of Falensarano. Elf-Hewer has managed to reach a pact with the witches there, who allow him to exist in the stronghold without confrontation. There is also a book called The Third Door inside the chamber.

    Eydis Fire-Eye – The Nord is found inside the Fighters Guild in Balmora, in the chambers upstairs. She can train up to 72 points in the Axe and the cost of training will be cheaper if you are a member. She is also a task-master for members, assigning many of the quests for novice warriors.

    Radd Hard-Heart – The male Nord is a Knight working for the Empire in the Moonmoth Legion Fort, in the West Gash region. He gives out quests for the Imperial Legion members and is one of the higher-level Axe trainers, training up to 66 points in the skill. As with all Knightly orders in the game, if you are a member of the Legion and try to speak to Hard-Heart without your uniform, he will reprimand you and refuse to initiate conversation.

    Hylf the Harrier – If you are looking to train up to mid-levels in the skill, you can talk to this Barbarian found in the Foreign canton of the town of Vivec. Hylf will train up to 52 points of the Axe skill, which make him useful to beginner or mid-level players. The Barbarian also belongs to the Fighters Guild, although he is still an apprentice