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The World of Morrowind: Guide to Alteration Skill Master Trainers

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of our guide to Morrowind Master Skill Trainers takes a look at the available master trainers for the magic school of Alteration.

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    If you are a mage and want to maximise your abilities to alter and shape the physical world and its natural laws, you can make use of the trainers for this particular arcane school. Whilst, like in most skills, some trainers are widely available and easy to access, either residing in populated towns or friendly places, you will usually have to work to get to the highest trainer.

    The highest trainer is found in Tel Branora, which is home to the dangerous Telvanni Wizard Mistress Therana, who is highly eccentric and not exactly thrilled to see visitors. However you can still get quite high points with the other trainers available, who are located in less hostile places.

    In the game, you can also get training from masters who have a hostile disposition toward the player. We will look at how to do this in the parts coming up.

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    Alteration Skill Master Trainers

    Seryne Relas – Relas can train up to 100 points of Alteration, and to be quite honest the poor lady looks a little absent and pale, with all the studying and effort she’s put into the art. She can be found in Tel Branora, in the house where she resides. As you get off the boat leading to Tel Branora (‘The Spring’) you can head to the easternmost part of the tower in order to find Relas’s house. She offers no other services and you can also find a book which mentions her Alteration skills.

    Ardarume – If you don’t fancy heading to Azura’s coast and Tel Branora, you can find another decent trainer in Sadrith Mora at the Gateway Inn. Found in the Western quarter of the inn, Ardarume is an Altmer wizard and can train you up to 76 points in Alteration, which makes her the second most-useful trainer after Relas. In fact, Ardarume offers training for many of the major arcane school and is a handy character to know and visit.

    Yakin Bael – Bael can train up to 71 points of Alteration and is found in the tower of Vos, in the Grazelands region. He offers training for some other schools of magic.

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