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The World of Morrowind: Regions Overview – West Gash

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

A look at the West Gash, rich in mineral resources and the last part of this series on Morrowind regions.

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    The West Gash

    The West Gash region, as its name implies, is situated in the Western part of Vvardenfell and stretches along the Western Bitter Coast. The area is highly rich in raw materials and mines, such as raw ebony and glass, which makes it a rich region for exports outside the empire. The terrain is mainly scrublands, featuring mountainous ranges and natural bridges formed by its rocks; there are also woods and forests present in the area, particularly in the northern parts of the West Gash. The region is highly populated due to its resources, and many of the principal towns of the island are found here.

    It is of little surprise that the region is mainly under the control of House Hlaalu. Wherever profit is to be made, either by exploiting natural resources or local flourishing trades, the Hlaalus immediately impose their strong presence and make sure they control those gains. Officially, the Gash seems to be under Redoran control, but the reality is that the governor is Hlaalu and most of the wealth is controlled by this Great House. The region also features some Imperial forts, but these are of little importance between the continuous push-and-pull for dominance by the Redorans and Hlaalus.

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    Places of interest

    The most significant Dwemer ruin is Arkngthunch-Sturdumz, which whilst it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, it has many precious items such as an ancient Dwemer tube used for one of their mechanical contraptions. This place will also play an important part if you have joined the Mages Guild.

    You can also find an Ashlander camp, very small in size, which houses outcast Ashlanders who are thought to have taken a member of the temple hostage. Depending on your inclination in the game, they can be friendly or hostile to your character.

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    Major towns

    One could say that the Gash region has the most important and most populated trading centre of the island in Balmora. Balmora is a large town and has a great variety of services and merchants, from a clothes shop to a rare bookstore, a highly reputed alchemist and many other useful buildings. The town also is representative of many of the factions in Vvardenfell, with buildings where the Mages and Fighters reside and even providing a hide-out for the Thieves’ guild.

    Another town which is important, primarily due to its mining company and economic influence in the Empire, is Caldera just north of Balmora. The West Gash is highly populated and good for traders, and one could also visit Gnisis, known for its egg mine and business activity.