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The World of Morrowind: Vvardenfell Regions – Red Mountain

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Here we look at the volcano in the centre of Vvardenfell, an important point of interest in the Morrowind PC game.

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    Red Mountain

    Red Mountain is the region, or more accurately landmark, which gives the whole island of Vvardenfell its name. Vvardenfell is in fact the Dwemer name for the volcano which is situated exactly in the centre of the whole island, and it means ‘City of the strong shield’ in the Dwemeri language. The volcano dominates the island and everyday Dunmer life, emanating magical energies which are felt in the relatively small region and across the island. The area is highly dangerous and not many adventurers choose to even go near, since the only artefacts which could control the heart within the central chambers in Red mountain have been lost.

    The Ghostfence surrounds the perimeter of the volcano, and prevents the blighted monster and the corprus abomination to attack the few Ashlander camps and the small towns in the region. Although the Temple have outposts within Red Mountain, none of the active Great Houses control the region, as it’s under the law of House Dagoth and its dangerous creatures.

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    Places of interest

    Aside from the volcano and the nearby surroundings, the Red mountain region also offers other points of interest, such as the Foyadas or hardened flows of lava which form a unique geographical feature. There are also many Dwemer ruins such as Odrosal or the hugely important Dagoth Ur ruin, found inside the Ghostgate and home to Dagoth Ur himself.

    There is also the stronghold of Kogoruhn, an ancient place which contains many valuable items waiting for whoever is brave enough to venture there. Even though it is known that the stronghold is to be found somewhere within the region, its location has been forgotten due to the fact that it’s inhabited by House Dagoth followers; this makes the grounds highly dangerous and also the fact that it has no functioning propylon, which allows for transport between strongholds, makes a quick get-away difficult.

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    Major towns

    The two major centres found in the region are Ald’Ruhn, under control of the Redoran Great House, which has many factions and a large community of merchants and service providers. The temple town of Maar Gan is also found in the region, and offers mostly training for factions such as the Mages or Fighters guild. The town has exactly the same architecture as Ald’Ruhn, but no ‘Skar’ or huge crab-shell in the middle of the town.

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