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The World of Morrowind: Azura's Cost Region in Morrowind

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The third part of the series into Morrowind's regions, where we look at the Azura’s coast region.

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    Azura’s Coast

    Azura’s coast comprises a variety of islands in the eastern part of Vvardenfell. The region is named after the shrine of Azura, the Goddess of dusk and dawn, which can be activated by the player for receiving a quest for a rare item. The shrine dominates the region and is often visited by Pilgrims and travellers. Azura’s coast features many wizards’ towers which occupy some of the smaller islands. Mage towers usually begin with the ‘Tel’ prefix, and are the only landmark which can be found on some of the islands which are empty.

    Since the area’s terrain is mostly rocky due to the nearby area of Molag Mar, it isn’t possible to farm there and the zone isn’t particularly rich on resources. Apart for mages, who are mostly Telvanni but not exclusively, the coast of Azura is also known for its numerous caves, ancestral tombs and Velothi remains.

    Most of the territory is claimed by the Telvannis since it houses most of their towers. The land is mostly empty and void of civilization apart from the wizards, also as a result of Telvanni dominance whose wizards and battlemages prefer solitude and peaceful surroundings.

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    Places of interest

    Main places which can be visited are some of the Ashlander camps, should you be friendly with them, such as Bensiberib Camp located near Tel Uvirith or the Kaushtababi camp south of Molag mar. Some important Deadric ruins in the area are the Bal Fell or Ald Daedroth ruins, both occupied by followers of Sheogorath who is the God of madness. These places have many ancient artefacts such as books on the history of the Dwemer, but one should be prepared as they are dangerous.

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    Major towns

    The main town in the region is Sadrith Mora, a Telvanni town known for its bizarre architecture consisting of giant hollowed-out mushrooms. There is also Tel Aruhn, a small community offering a variety of services such as a merchant, a potion seller and a slave market. The settlement is accessible even to those who cannot levitate as there are stairs connecting the various shops.