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The Camonna Tong Overview - Guide to The World of Morrowind Guilds & Factions

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The Camonna fiercely controls organised crime within Vvardenfell, often by force and violence. This isn’t a joinable faction although it plays a part in some quests.

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    The Ashlanders

    The Camonna Tong is directly opposed to the Thieves Guild in ideology. They control many aspects of illegal importing and exporting, such as the moon-sugar trade, and will murder simply to gain territory or make their organisation grow. They are fierce criminals knowing little of honour, and are oblivious to reason or diplomacy by other factions. The Camonna Tong is also known for being racist and opposing any race beyond the Dunmer. They only consider other races slaves or peasants and believe they shouldn’t have equal rights on Vvardenfell.

    Although the Imperial guilds have tried to keep this criminal syndicate under control, sometimes with the aid of the Thieves guild, there are still presences of the Camonna in Vvardenfell. They have a strong presence in the Balmora Council club, virtually having taken over the terraces and interiors of the club, and are also found in numbers in Vivec in the ‘No name club’. These are dangerous grounds and should be approached carefully.

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    The favoured attributes in the Camonna are Strength and Agility. Primary skills are the Long Blade or Blunt Weapon, where they mostly take things by force, and also the Sneak skill, although the Camonna won’t retreat if caught stealing. Other skills are Acrobatics, Light Armor or Marksman which gives the player an idea of what to look out for in case there is ever an encounter resulting in battle.

    The Camonna Tong only have one ally in House Hlaalu, since their current leader used to be a respected member who is still able to influence political decision. This is part of why the Camonna still survives in Vvardenfell, although Imperial forces have led investigation but have often been unable to do anything. The Camonna Tong hate the Blade and the Thieves guild with a passion and will do their utmost to ensure the elimination of these guilds.

    The current leader is Orvas Dren, who owns his own plantation and still controls House Hlaalu. He is the current Kingpin and should you choose to join House Hlaalu, he will eventually play an important part. The Camonna ranks are appropriately named: Bully, Tough, Thug, Brute, Lifetaker, Chiller, Hammer, Old Man, Strongman and Kingpin.