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The World of Morrowind: Guilds & Factions – The Ashlander tribes

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The Ashlanders are the ancient dwellers of the land, now somewhat alienated and confined to the corners of the island.

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    The Ashlanders

    In the First Era, the many Ashlander tribes which roamed the land with their herds and portable yurts, were highly considered and equal to the ancient Dunmer. They had the same rights as the Dunmer and had important status with high regard for their mystics, their shamans and powerful war-chiefs. With the creation and advance of the Great Houses all this changed, and their status declined as they were slowly forced into the inhabitable corners of Vvardenfell, such as blighted areas or hostile grounds. Joining the Ashlanders is automatic as you advance further into the main quest.

    Four Ashlander tribes still exist, and eventually you will discover these. They are the Ahemmusa, the Urshilaku, the Zainab and the Erabenimsum tribes. Each tribe has a camp named after the tribe, and mostly they are located in separate regions of the island, with only two in the Grazeland region. Travelling to the Ashlander camps is difficult and perilous, requiring preparation.

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    The favoured attributes are Agility and Endurance, although they are not strictly important since joining the Ashlander tribes is mostly to complete the main quest and not to advance in rank. They highly favour Mysticism as a skill, since prophecies and dreams are essential parts of their culture. Other favoured skills are the Spear, the magic school of Alteration, Marksman and Medium or Light armour.

    The Ashlanders dislike absolutely everyone on the land, some more than others. They are slightly in disagreement with the practices of Mages, the Telvannis or the Imperial cults, whilst they strongly dislike the Fighters guild, House Hlaalu and the Imperial Legion. They also dislike the Thieves Guild since they regard them as cowardly. Above everyone else, they hate Vampires and House Dagoth with a passion, since they believe in Lord Nerevar and the Nerevarine prophecy, which you will discover as the main quest unfolds.

    Each tribe has a leader, or Ash-Khan. Ulath-Pal of the Erabenimsun, Kaushad of the Zainab and Sul-Matuul are greatly respected Ash-Khans and will attack you if you visit unexpectedly. The Ahemmusa tribe has a Wise Woman as their leader, the mystic Sinnammu Mirpal. Clan ranks are: Clanfriend, Hearthfriend, Brother, Initiate, Clanholder, Guide, Champion, Gulakhan, Farseer and Ashkhan. These ranks are just for lore purposes, since you won’t be able to advance beyond Clanfriend.

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