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The World of Morrowind: Guilds & Factions – Imperial legion in Elder Scrolls III

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Here we will focus on the Imperial legion, which are similar to the Fighters guild but more important.

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    The Imperial legion

    The legion is a military organisation and rules above all other similar guilds, such as the Fighters guild or House Redoran, in dictating law within Vvardenfell. They are also considered the strongest and most skilled fighters and no other force on the island, whether organised or simply tribal, can match their strength, organisation and tactical prowess on the battlefield. Legionnaires are mainly used to protect the town and provinces under the Empire’s influences, but in times of need they have been used to conquer new grounds.

    The Imperial legion is organised in forts, which are either just small outposts in provincial towns such as Gnisis, or larger garrisons, such as the Hawkmoth Legion situated in Ebonheart, which are also the headquarters for the legion. It is organised into an hierarchical structure, where the smaller forts are commanded by a Champion, which isn’t the highest rank of the legion, and the garrisons and more important strategic centres are commanded by high-ranked Knights, who in turn issue orders to the Champions.

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    The favoured attributes are Endurance first of all, and as a surprise Personality is also favoured, not strength. This is due to the influence which a Knight must have upon his legions and lower ranked officers. The primary skills are Heavy Armor, Block, Blunt Weapon and Long Blade, unsurprisingly enough all fighting skills, and a player can take Athletics and Spear as minor skills.

    The Blades and Imperial cult work closely with the legion, as they also serve the Emperor. Other allies include House Hlaalu and the Mages Guild. The legion are also allied with the Fighters guild and the Redorans, although they have shown signs of a healthy and competitive rivalry often: however, there is great mutual respect.

    You can only join the legion by speaking to Darius, a Champion commanding the Deathshead legion in Gnisis, in the Madach Trade House. He is the lowest taskmaster but you cannot speak to any other members since they don’t require assistance. Once you have acquired status, you can speak to the current high-ranking officerin Ebonheart, or Varus Vantinius who is a Knight of the Imperial Dragon. You can also finally duel with him in order to become the current legion leader. Ranks are: Recruit, Spearman, Trooper, Agent, Champion, Knight Errant, Knight Bachelor, Knight of the Garland and finally Knight of the Imperial Dragon.