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The World of Morrowind: Imperial Cult in Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind Guilds & Factions Guide

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

A look at the Imperial cult, a religious organisation which provides benefits through worshipping and temple services.

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    The Imperial cult

    The Imperial cult functions like a religious organization, set-up to provide spiritual benefits and spread the word of the nine divines across major and provincial towns. The nine divines, also known as Aedras, are spiritual beings that were important in the creation of the world. They are the opposite of the Daedra which are mostly evil in nature. The Aedras worshipped by the cult are: Akatosh, Dibella, Arkay, Zenithar, Stendarr, Mara, Kynareth, Julianos and Talos.

    The headquarters of the cult is situated in Ebonheart and other notable locations include the Buckmoth Legion fort, an office in Fort Darius in Gnisis and the small town of Pelagiad and its Imperial architecture. Whilst Pelagiad is relatively easy to reach by foot, Ebonheart is reachable only by boat or by the spells of Almsivi Intervention or Divine Intervention.

    Cultists provide services and goods at their shrines, mainly herbal remedies, alchemist apparatuses or restoration type spells. Their clerics are also able to cure ailments for a price. You can also worship the Aedras at the shrines by making a donation which cause an effect to be instantly cast upon the player. The effect is favourable (i.e. resist poison) and relatively long-lasting, and can aid the player in battle or in dangerous quests.

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    The main attributes favoured by cultists are Personality and Willpower, which helps to resist adverse magical effects. Major skills acquired are the Blunt weapon skill, magical skills such as Conjuration, Restoration and Enchant and the Speechcraft skill. Anther minor skills which you can take are Unarmored, which builds up your resistance to some weapons.

    The Imperial cult works mostly with the Blades and the Imperial Knights, since they are guilds which serve the Emperor first and foremost. Also the Blades act as informants for cultists, such as political unbalances or potential uproar, in order for the Imperial cult to spread the word about the divines and maintain order within the island. Cultists also work with the Fighters guild, House Hlaalu and the Mages guild although to a lesser extent. As with most other guilds, they despise House Dagoth and Vampires.

    The highest rank is Primate, although the highest ranked officer and current leader of the cult is only an Invoker. This is Ruccia Conician, located in Ebonheart, who will act as the taskmaster for more advanced quests. Other high-ranked members include Kaye, who is an Adept, and Lalatia Varian, an oracle. They are both found in Ebonheart. Ranks are: Layman, Novice, Initiate, Acolyte, Adept, Disciple, Oracle, Invoker, Theurgist and finally Primate.

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