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The World of Morrowind: Guilds & Factions – House Redoran

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

An overview of the Redorans, a joinable Great House which hosts great and honourable warriors.

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    House Redoran

    House Redoran is based on principles of virtue, discipline and honour and their members instruct initiates to follow these. Since they are mainly warriors or guards, they are strict and primarily train in using weapons and armour. They value piety in battle and against opponents, and show mercy. These values are central to the Redorans, and they are tightly allied with the Temple. Their oath is to primarily serve the Temple, then the interests of the Great House and lastly to show duty to one’s clan and family.

    House Redoran is situated in Ald’Ruhn, a desert settlement with unique architecture primarily based on hollowed out animal shells. It is in one of these shells, the shell of a past crab Emperor, which the Redorans headquarters are found. The shell dominates the town and is known as ‘Skar’, featuring tunnels and a series of bridges which connect the various manor sections on the inside. Other minor Redoran centres are found in Ald Velothi, Maar Gan or Molag Mar. The Redoran Great house mainly controls the Northern regions of the island.

    Since the Redoran Great House is founded by the Dunmer, as most other Great Houses, they must always maintain the original traditions. In simple terms this results in disliking all other Houses and guilds which don’t have the same values they do, or piety, honour and the way of the warrior.

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    House Redoran’s colour is Red. Their main allies are the Fighters Guild, since they operate on similar principles, the Imperial Legion, who also favour similar values such as honour, and the Tribunal Temple which teaches discipline and piety through worship. They dislike any other House or guild, such as the Mages Guild, and particularly hate Ashlanders.

    The main attributes are Endurance and Strength, logically enough. Preferred skills are all fighting ones, such as Heavy Armor, Long Blade, Spear and the Armorer skills. Other minor skills are Medium Armor and Athletics.

    The highest rank is the Archmaster, or Bolvyn Venim who can be found in Ald’Ruhn under-skar, in the Venim Manor private quarters. Ranks from the bottom are: Hireling, Retainer, Oathman, Lawman, Kinsman, House Cousin, House Brother, House Father, Councilman and finally Archmaster.