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The World of Morrowind: Guilds & Factions – House Dres

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

Here we will look at House Dres, another of the non-playable Great Houses.

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    House Dres

    House Dres is one of the minor Great Houses in the game, which takes its name after the Dunmer which originally founded it. Being a Dunmer Great House, and therefore greatly intolerant toward other races and customs, it isn’t joinable by players although it still plays a minor part in the game world and its surrounding lore.

    It is situated inland, specifically south on the Deshann Plain, and borders the Indoril Great House, a temple faction which will be talked about later. This influences House Dres somewhat, as they support the Temple and all their activities.

    House Dres is based on a rural society, mainly known for its farms and agrarian produce, such as saltrice for example. The farms owned by this Great House employ slaves as workers or house servants, much to the disapproval of the Empire, its Imperial guilds and factions. The slaves mostly consist of Argonians who are often enslaved or sold by House Dres. House Dres is known for its slave trade and ships which carry Khajiits or Argonians into parts of the land to work or be sold.

    One of the most notable and infamous centres for slavery is Tear, a city situated on the Southern Coast of Morrowind and bordering the Black Marshes where Argonians mainly reside; the city is obviously controlled by House Dres and displays large cages and pens where slaves can be bought or sold. Once a player has bought a slave you will have a companion in your travels, until you decide to let him go.

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    The Great House favours the colour Grey and the highest rank is Viceroy, or the owner or leader of numerous plantations. This is followed by the Vizier, who oversees the Viceroys activities, then Overseer. The lowest ranks are Hireling and Retainer. The attributes and skills are Personality and mainly merchant skills such as Persuade.

    Although the ranks exist they are not useful in any way to the player, as the Great House isn’t playable, but may be interesting to know due to some in-game conversations and plots which you may undertake.