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The World of Morrowind: Guilds & Factions – House Dagoth

by: theinkandpen (Robert Mullon) ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/18/2012 • Leave a comment

The first part of a series of articles on the various factions in the Elder Scrolls III. Here we will look at House Dagoth, one of the Great Houses.

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    There are a vast amount of factions and guilds in Morrowind, most offering plenty of quests related to the skills and abilities which are favoured. Factions are divided into three groups: Great Houses, Imperial Guilds or Morrowind factions.

    Most of them are joinable simply by going to the respective leader and initiating a conversation, which will eventually lead you onto an initial quest: once you complete it you are officially part of the gang and can begin gaining reputation.

    Members are rated by a rank and they gradually gain status by completing quests which get progressively more difficult. The ranking system is different and exclusive for each faction: for instance, the thieves’ guild might have a Mastermind as a final rank, or a temple might have a Layman.

    Some factions aren’t joinable however, although they offer interaction with the player in quests which involve them. They are also an essential part of the game’s history and lore, and help in giving the Elder Scrolls World the depth which it’s known for. In the first article we will be looking at House Dagoth, one of the Great Houses.

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    House Dagoth

    House Dagoth is one of the Great Houses in the game. It isn’t a joinable faction but is a central part of the main quest, as it involves Dagoth Ur. It is one of the most ancient Great Houses and dates back to the war between Chimer, one of the first inhabitants of the island, and the Dwemer.

    The favoured attributes of the Dagoth house are mainly strength, although the player does not need to keep this in mind. This great house has a strong dislike for all other factions and only slightly favours the Camonna Tong guild, which will be talked about in later articles.

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    The highest member, or leader, is known as the Lord High Councillor. The current councillor is Dagoth Ur, who resides in Red Mountain and plays a major part in the game. After the High Councillor are Ash Vampires who are considered noble within the faction. Then come Ascended sleepers and Ash Ghouls. The lowest rank is the Dreamer or Sleeper, who simply serve the purpose to spread the news of the re-emergence of the Great house.

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